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Protip – New Generation jQuery Tooltip Plugin

Protip is a new generation jQuery tooltip plugin for any situation. Features 49 position Live refresh of tooltip options. Live element checking (element removed? -> tooltip should disappear). Gravity: find a better position if it won’t fit to the screen. DOM targets: append into the root or into another target …

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Tooltip Menu

This is a simple tooltip menu that will show a tooltip submenu when hovering over an item. The submenu will either appear above or below the main menu, depending on where more space is available. Using Modernizr’s touch detection, the menu will either react on hover or on click. Example media queries show …

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TinyTip – Tiny Tooltip jQuery Plugin

TinyTip is a very small tooltip jQuery plugin without using CSS. TinyTip does not force any styling over your tooltips, you can style your tooltips as desired. It also allow you to display any content, texts, html and Dom elements inside your tooltips.    

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