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Wysiwyg.js – jQuery Wysiwyg Editor

Wysiwyg.js jQuery Wysiwyg Editor

wysiwyg.js is a (minified) 12k contenteditable-editor with no dependencies. It does only: Transforms any HTML-element into contenteditable onselection-event: e.g. to open a toolbar onkeypress-event: e.g. to handle hotkeys onplaceholder-event: show/hide a placeholder .bold(), .forecolor(), .inserthtml(), … functions

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Azexo Composer – jQuery Drag & Drop HTML Editor

Azexo Composer is a Jquery plugin for user friendly front-end content editing of HTML pages. It is based on jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore and Bootstrap. features Integrated front end content slider visual builder Integrated front end grid visual builder Every element can be animated via CSS3 engine (on appear, on hover, …

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