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Paginator.js - Simple Table Paginator In Pure JavaScript

Paginator.js – Simple Table Paginator In Pure JavaScript

A simple, JavaScript table paginator that convert your html tables into multiple pages for more readability.

How to Use It

  • Download the “pagination.js” file
  • Include it in a script tag on the html page you want to use it on
  • Run the paginator function with a proper configuration object
  • Done

Check out the examples.html file for examples of this in use.

Configuration Object Attributes

get_rows : Function used to select rows to do pagination on. If no function is provided, checks for a config.table element and looks for rows in there to page.

box : Empty element that will have page buttons added to it. If no config.box is provided, but a config.table is, then the page buttons will be added using the table.

table : Table element to be paginated not required if a get_rows function is provided.

rows_per_page : Number of rows to display per page. default number is 10.

page : Page to display. Default page is 1.

box_mode : “list”, “buttons”, or function. determines how the page number buttons are built.

  • “list” builds the page index in list format and adds class “pagination” to the ul element. Meant for use with bootstrap
  • “buttons” builds the page index out of buttons
  • If this field is a function, it will be passed the configuration object as its only param and assumed to build the page index buttons

page_options : false or [{text: , value: }, ... ] used to set what the dropdown menu options are available, resets rows_per_page value. False prevents the options from being displayed. [{text: , value: }, ... ] allows you to customize what values can be chosen, a value of 0 will display all the table’s rows.

The default setup is [ { value: 5, text: '5' }, { value: 10, text: '10' }, { value: 20, text: '20' }, { value: 50, text: '50' }, { value: 100,text: '100' }, { value: 0, text: 'All' } ]

active_class : Set the class for page buttons to have when active. Defaults to “active”.

tail_call : Function to be called after paginator is done, and after every turn of the page, or changing of the number of rows per page.

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