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Mark – jQuery Keyword Highlighting Plugin

jQuery keyword highlighting. Highlight text with diacritics, synonyms, custom elements, custom class names, separate word search (multiple terms), filter selectors, word boundary and iframe support. Compatible with DataTables.

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Material Design Lite Components in HTML/CSS/JS

Material Design Lite (MDL) lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your static content websites. It doesn’t rely on any JavaScript frameworks or libraries. Optimized for cross-device use, gracefully degrades in older browsers, and offers an experience that is accessible from the get-go.

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Vue – Powerful library Building Modern Web Interfaces

Vue.js is a library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. Core features include: Dead simple, unobtrusive reactivity using plain JavaScript objects. Component-oriented development style with tooling support Lean and extensible core Flexible transition effect system Fast without the need for complex …

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Vizicities – 3D City and Data Visualisation Platform

ViziCities is a 3D city and data visualisation platform, powered by WebGL. Its purpose is to change the way you look at cities and the data contained within them. ViziCities aims to combine data visualisation with a 3D representation of a city to provide a better understanding what’s going on. …

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Notifier – jQuery Plugin to Push Notifications

notifier is a simple jQuery plugin to push notifications on a webpage either at a specified time or at a button click ( or even a part of a button function). Decide for yourself when you required to push a notification. You can even push your advertising columns as notifications. …

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TimelinzJS – lightweight Timeline Maker

TimelinzJS is a lightweight and flexible javascript library for creating one or multiple timelines. Features   No dependency (just Vanilla JS) Fully customizable Themable with css With JSON data structure Compatible with AMD and CommonJS module styles Works with jQuery and Bootstrap plugins Well documented (include examples) It’s responsive Supports …

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