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Zenith – Responsive Slider jQuery Plugin

Responsive Slider jQuery Plugin that comes in 4 basic layouts. 4-th layout, or slider layout, has some variations of it’s own, producing 3 more pre-defined sub-layouts and unlimited possibilities of styling, editing and creating some of your own variations.

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Tapatar – jQuery plugin to Pick an Avatar Image

Tapatar is a lightweight, extensible jQuery plugin, that lets users pick an avatar from a social network, disk, or other source. By default, Gravatar, Local and Facebook sources are included. Tapatar has been built to make it very easy to add additional sources.

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Pogo Slider – jQuery Animated Slider Plugin

Pogo Slider is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create animated image/content sliders. CSS animations are used to transition between slides. A CSS animation can be triggered on element within a slide, after the slide transitions in, and as the slide transitions out.

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