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LobiList – jQuery TODO List Plugin

LobiList is jQuery plugin for todo lists. Supports drag & drop of todos, multiple lists with different colors. Features Drag & drop list Drag & drop todos Multiple list support Different styles Ajax configuration urls for todo CRUD Checkboxes to mark/unmark todo as done

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Angular Drag and Drop Based On Dragula.js

Angular drag and drop based on dragula.js. Features: replaced crossvent by angulars event binding replaced contra.emitter by $scope.$emit if scope provided in options (options.scope) encapsulated the code into angular factory (dragularService) created directive dragular where options can be passed providing scope property name both service and directive provided as angular …

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Dragular – An Angular Drag and Drop Widget

Have you ever wanted a drag and drop library that just works? That actually understands where to place the elements when they are dropped? That doesn’t need you to do a zillion things to get it to work? Well, so did Nicolas Bevacqua and I have forked it into angular …

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Interactive Drag and Drop Coloring Concept

Today we would like to share a fun interactive coloring concept with you. The idea is to simply drag a color from a color palette to a website mockup and color designated areas of it (like sections or texts). You might have encountered customization tools before, but we wanted to …

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Dragula – Javascript Drag and Drop Library

Dragula is a javascript library that just works and that doesn’t depend on bloated frameworks. Features Super easy to set up No bloated dependencies Figures out sort order on its own A shadow where the item would be dropped offers visual feedback Touch events!

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