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Build A Client Testimonials Sliding Carousel with jQuery

In this tutorial create a client testimonial carousel box which includes a small quote talking about the services. Then I’ve constructed a long horizontal carousel that rotates through a list of company logos. These would normally be companies you have done business with – but may also include corporate partners …

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jR3DCarousel – jQuery 3D Responsive Carousel

jR3DCarousel is a jQuery plugin for responsive 3D carousel and many options. Features Modern effects Responsive Fullscreen Carousel Infinite scroll Multiple slideLayouts to maintain aspect ratio of images Minimal configuration, easy to install Useful public API for extending the functionalities like custom nav buttons.

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jSlider – Advanced jQuery Image Slider Plugin

jSlider is an advanced jQuery Slider Plugin which help you to embed a full feature slider on your website within minutes. You will no longer need to write complicated scripts to make the slider run. Thing will now be easy via HTML properties & CSS. Features It’s so simple! It’s …

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jQuery Diagonal Slider Plugin

jQuery plugin to create a Diagonal Slider.The diagonal image slider works like an accordion that when you mouse hover it expand each image. Also you can add a title to the image to give a brief description.

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